One year living in this beautiful house constructed by Jeff Construction Co. He, Regina, and the team of Construction workers did an awesome job. After one year, everything was almost perfect, the details were awesome. I have to remark we were living in another State Tennessee, and we relied on and put our trust in Jeff and Regina, and it was worth it. They did their job with efficiency, dedication, passion, and integrity.
The first three months were some adjustments to the air conditioner, I have to remark that when William called Jeff, he had the A/C Tech contacting us within a couple of hours, saying "Jeff called me and said that you need some adjustments, I will be there 8:00 am" And sure enough he was there the next morning as scheduled, it was a great experience.
Thank you, Jeff and Regina, you are an Excellent Contractor. We wish you much Success in your future endeavors. We won't hesitate to recommend the highest quality of your Construction Company.
Thank you for all your dedication, and great job in the construction of our home!
William and Carmen Kozlowski

Carmen Kozlowski

5 stars

Four years ago I bought a house from Jeff he was building. Not only was he able to complete the project in incredible timing, and make sure I could enjoy my new house with my daughter, four years later he is still making sure I am well taken care off. I recently posted on Facebook my air conditioner was not working properly. Not only did he post who to call, but he personally called me to see if it had been taking care of. You don't see service like that anymore. Buy from Jeff and you will not be disappointed.

Joanthon S.

5 stars

Jeff Puckett builds a great house. He has an eye for the details and stays with you until you are satisfied. His sub contractors work with him to create your new home to your standards. He would rather take a little longer to get the home you want rather than stick to a strict schedule. However, he stays on top of each home he builds and competes them on schedule. His company is not so large that the details you want get lost in the building of your new home. Jeff stays on schedule and keeps the job very professional. He listens to what you want and strives to build your home just like you want it while staying within your budget. I would recommend him to build your first home or your last home. It was a good experience working with Jeff and his wife Regina during our project of building our retirement home

James Fife

5 Star

What I liked about them is that they cared. Him and his wife helped us and worked with us. My wife is meticulous and they were very accepting and made us comfortable. Actually had issue with my concrete and they came back right away and fixed it. Cant say anything bad about them at all.

Terry M.

5 stars

I frequently work with Jeff and Regina Puckett and their home building clients, assisting them with brick, stone and mortar selections in our showroom ant North Florida Brick Co. Jeff provides top-notch quality materials and labor, and carefully oversees the details.

I always hear very good comments from Jeff & Regina's customers, before the project is even completed!

North Florida Brick Co.

5 Stars

Jeff has an amazing eye for detail and makes the home building process as easy as possible without any hidden costs poping up. He stays on schedule and speaks with integrity. His subs are all top knotch as well. If you are looking for an honest, hard working, amazing contactor that goes above and beyond and doesn't just disappear after the house is done, then look no further. Jeff is the man for the job.

Ben Lillard

5 Stars

I am an interior decorator and I worked with Jeff on a project for a client living in California. Working with an out of town client can be a challenge. There were only 3 face to face visits. The third visit was to view the completed structure and the client was speechless. Jeff had delivered exactly as promised in the specified time frame. No detail was missed. Jeff's worksite is the cleanest I've ever seen. He checks the site frequently, sometimes daily. He treats every project as if it were his home. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to build.

LMJ Wood

5 Stars